Election Information


Elections are around the corner and many of you have been registering to vote, maybe even for the first time. But as we enter this season, there will be more active political engagement by members of the public.  And because FCC is a public institution, the public does have the right to use the public grounds of our campus to exercise their free speech rights.  What does that mean?

  • This is a constitutional right.
  • Some viewpoints shared aloud may lead to expressions that some find troubling or offensive.
  • Remember that freedom of speech is about the right to communicate.
  • You have the choice not to engage with messages that may cause discomfort.
Sometimes, we can feel uneasy and even unsafe when we are around public expressions that are troubling.

But remember…
  • Your feelings are valid and acknowledged. The Office of the Vice President for Student Affairs is working closely with the FCC Public Safety Department and the Frederick Police Department, to preclude and/or address any actions that violate the law.
  • If you ever feel you are in immediate danger, call 911 to request immediate assistance.
Your well-being is our priority.  For any emotional support or concerns, do connect with Counseling & Wellness Services or stop by to relax in the Zen Den, located in the Student Center, Suite 103. You are always welcome to visit the MOSAIC Center, in the Student Center, Suite 102, to have an educational discussion with your peers.

Your choices shape not only your journey but also your student experience at FCC. Embrace growth opportunities. Make mindful decisions. Contribute to creating a vibrant community. Your positive choices matter, enhancing both your well-being and your shared experience. You've got this!