Emergency Procedures and Protocols for the Period of January 10 through February 6, 2022


TO:                 The FCC College Community
FROM:           Thomas H. Powell
                        Interim President
RE:                 Emergency Procedures and Protocols for the Period of
January 10 through February 6, 2022

Given the surge in the COVID-19 virus due to the omicron variant, as well as Governor Hogan’s declared State of Emergency and the advice of Frederick County officials, I am instituting several emergency procedure and protocols for Frederick Community College for the period of January 10 through February 6, 2022. This action essentially reinstitutes a modified Stage 3 in our pandemic plan, Roadmap to Resilience and Recovery. All faculty, staff, and students are to follow these procedures.
  1. Frederick Community College will remain open and essential services to our students will continue during the emergency period.
  2. Main campus buildings and the Monroe Center will remain open during regular business hours. Pandemic cleaning protocol and security services will be maintained during this time.
  3. Offices, including the Welcome Desk in the Student Center and the FCC Foundation Scholarship Office, will be covered during regular business hours to ensure that phones are answered, and students have access to information and services.
  4. Remote work will be permitted for employees, as appropriate. Supervisors will determine the remote work schedule to ensure that essential services are provided, in consultation with their Senior Leader.
  5. The IT help desk will remain available to students, faculty and staff. Appointments are required.  (on campus Extension 3333; off campus- 301-846-2509)
  6. We will NOT use the away message on emails to inform individuals we are working remote during this emergency period. Remote work is work and emails must be answered. Information regarding FCC’s current work status may be added to the signature of employee emails.
  7. We will begin the Spring semester with classes offered virtually with the intention of returning to the original format as quickly as possible. Provost Hawkins may approve a few exceptions based upon academic needs of students and classes that can be taught safely with appropriate mitigation strategies. Detailed information will be contained in Blackboard.
  8. Masks will be worn in all indoor public spaces and during meetings.
  9. Meetings and activities should be held virtually unless otherwise authorized by the Senior Leader, in consultation with Pandemic Coordinator Jennifer Dame.
  10. The Learning Commons will be closed. All Learning Commons functions will be provided remotely.
  11. The JBK Theater will be closed.
  12. The Bookstore will operate daily with limited staff for in-store pickup. Locker pickup remains available and free shipping will be offered through February 6 to provide contactless delivery.
  13. Dining services will operate Monday-Thursday from 8:30 to 2:00 and Fridays from 8:30 to 1:00 with limited staffing and grab and go items. Made to order items will be suspended temporarily.
  14. Miller Children’s Center will open on Tuesday January 18. On-site testing will be available for staff.  Weekly, we will decide on the status of the Center during the emergency period.
  15. The game room will be closed.
  16. The fitness center in the Athletics Center will be closed.
  17. Athletic contests will continue for scheduled competitions. Limited practices/workouts may be approved by the Director of Athletics. NO spectators will be permitted at competitions.
  18. Only essential travel may be done during this period.
  19. Any employee or student who has tested positive for COVID-19 or has been exposed will report this to our Pandemic Coordinator, Ms. Jennifer Dame ([email protected] or 301-624-2739).
  20. All employees will receive regular compensation during this emergency period.
Reassessment - Our College leadership team will regularly assess the COVID-19 positivity rates and hospitalizations in Frederick County. Should we need to modify or rescind these emergency procedures we will notify the campus community directly.
Vaccines and boosters - All faculty, staff and students are encouraged to receive their vaccines and boosters if they can do so safely. If the new federal regulations on vaccines become operational, we will notify all employees with the procedures for compliance.
Testing for COVID-19 - We have arranged with Frederick Health to provide weekly COVID-19 testing on campus. The dates and times will be forthcoming.
After the emergency period - I expect that we will return to campus and full operations on Monday February 7, 2022. At that time, we will follow all procedures that were in place in December 2021.
Please stay safe. Be vigilant to protect your health, the health of your family, friends and colleagues.

                                                                                    Thomas H. Powell
                                                                                    Interim President


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