Student Success Funds


Students facing a current financial emergency may apply for Student Success Funds.These funds help cover basic needs for students when they are facing financial emergencies and have run out of all other options. Students who are considering Student Success Funds should understand that if approved, this program offers limited help and is only available once per year. Student Success Funds are only a stop-gap in a crisis and not intended to be a secondary form of college funding.

Eligibility Requirements:

  1. Student must be enrolled and currently attending a minimum of one of the following:
    1. ​3 credit hours in a certificate or degree
    2. 1 CE course of at least 24 hours in total length that results in a workforce outcome
    3. 60-hour adult education course at the time the fund is being used
  2. Student must be experiencing a hardship that jeopardizes his or her ability to remain in school
  3. Student does not have other resources to meet his or her financial needs

How to Apply:

See your assigned advisor or counselor to apply. Or contact:
     FCC Counseling and Advising, room J201
     FCC Office of Adult Services, room A103


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